Possessing properties of antitrypsin.
Synonym(s): antitrypsic


Possessing properties of antitrypsin.
Synonym(s): antitrypsic.


(ant″i-trip′sĭn) [ anti- + trypsin]
A substance that inhibits the action of trypsin.
antitryptic (-trip′tik), adjective
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Quantification may be accomplished by a variety of methods, the most commonly used techniques being immunonephelometry and antitryptic activity (14).
Automated determination of serum alpha1-antitrypsin by antitryptic activity measurement.
In the present study, we report for the first time antitryptic activity in the seed extracts of Butea monosperma (Flame of Forest) and have partially characterized it for its thermal and pH stability in ammonium sulphate fractionated and dialyzed sample.
In the present study protein was extracted from the seeds of Butea monosperma to evaluate its antitryptic potential.
The results observed in this study, indicates that irradiation treatment has a substantial effect on the antitryptic activity naturally present in soybeans.
Porcine trypsin was used as standard and the antitryptic activity of the sample was calculated in terms of trypsin units inhibited (TUI)/g of sample.