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A summary of simulation results for the converter using IGBTs with Si and SiC antiparallel diodes is given in Table 5.
We demonstrate that furrowing in these activated eggs is associated with highly ordered, aligned arrays of centralspindlin-linked, opposed bundles of antiparallel microtubules that are not associated with a mitotic apparatus, but which do display characteristics similar to the central spindle region of control, fertilized embryos.
can lead to two conditions, depending on whether the electrons within this species are antiparallel (parahelium) or parallel (orthohelium).
Namely the Fe layer magnetizations were spontaneously oriented antiparallel to each other and aligned parallel if a large external field was applied.
SMD simulations (17) qualitatively reproduced the differences between these mechanical unfolding patterns and additionally showed, that the major unfolding barrier of extension by force for both C-to-N linked and C-to-Lys 48 linked ubiquitin was formed by the rupture of hydrogen bonds between specific [beta]-strands: two parallel [beta]-strands (I and V) in C-to-N linked ubiquitin and two antiparallel [beta]-strands (III and V) in C-to-Lys 48 linked ubiquitins.
The carboxyl terminus of type VII collagen mediates antiparallel dimer formation and constitutes a new antigenic epitope for epidermolysis Bullosa acquisita autoantibodies.
The core structure consists of an eight-stranded antiparallel [beta]-barrel that resembles a calyx or cup-shaped structure with a binding pocket for a small molecule.
Complementarity and antiparallel strands--The concept of antiparallel, complementary nucleic acid strands with 5' and 3' ends is essential to understanding transfer of genetic information.
The VP1 monomer consists of antiparallel p-strands folded into a jelly roll P-barrel structure.
In the fifth known crystal modification, a, the chains are packed in the unit cell in such a way that the molecular dipoles are antiparallel and there is no net (crystal) dipole [5] (Fig.
And a radical pair is a short-lived reaction intermediate comprising 2 radicals formed in tandem whose unpaired electron spins may be either antiparallel ([up arrow] [down arrow], a singlet state, S) or parallel ([up arrow] [up arrow], a triplet state, T) (Rodgers & Hore, 2009).
The principal spintronics device, the spin valve, consists of two magnetic layers decoupled by a spin-transporting spacer, which allows parallel (on) and antiparallel (off) alignment of the magnetizations (spins) of the two magnetic layers.