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David Courtwright (1992) characterizes the FBN's first director, Harry Anslinger (former Assistant Commissioner for Prohibition) as "the personification of the antinarcotic regime" and quotes two of the aphorisms he voiced in regard to the punitive drug policy he championed throughout the course of 30 years and five administrations: "Wherever you find severe penalties, addiction disappears" and "The best cure for addiction?
This source also notes: "Coast Guard antinarcotic operations were reinforced when needed by military forces" but provides no further details.
For example, a US priority appears to have been the strengthening of antinarcotic investigations, and this was afforded much attention and money.
Adding significantly to the dangers faced by the antinarcotic forces in Colombia is the protection offered by the FARC (and to some extent by the ELN) to the nation's coca farmers and drug traffickers.
Interested in the underlying physiological effect of placebos in the body, he's found that people's responses to placebos can be blocked by an antinarcotic drug called naloxone.
That same year, the nation's first major antinarcotic law--the Harrison Act--was passed.
Dubai: Dubai police's antinarcotic department says there is no marijuana in dokha tobacco and the Dubai-based doctor who claimed to find traces of marijuana in the urine of dokha smokers said she is going to reassess her findings.
According to sources, Islamabad Police Inspector General (IG) Tahir Alam Khan has written a letter to authorities of the National Accountability (NAB), the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Customs and the AntiNarcotic Force (ANF) informing them that no more police personnel could be provided to them to escort suspects and accused to trial courts.
2) Reconsidering international antinarcotic drug policies is therefore not only important, but also urgent.
This may seem paradoxical in light of what has just been said about modest results, and even more paradoxical in the light of the failure of the antinarcotic policies that remain the blueprint for anti-money-laundering legislation.
The National Police has carried out between 85 and 90% of the antinarcotic operations in Colombia, but 85% of the emergency assistance approved by Bush is destined for the Colombian army and air force.