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Pentavalent antimonials, as the 1st choice for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL), have various side effects.
1%) had received and failed prior antimonial therapy.
Es evidente que los datos farmacocineticos en sangre son clinicamente relevantes, debido a que reflejan en forma indirecta las concentraciones del antimonial en el lugar de accion.
Se suspende medicacion antimonial, se valoran electrolitos: K 1,84 mEq/L disminuido, Na 142,6 meq/L normal.
Clinical and parasite species risk factors for pentavalent antimonial treatment failure in cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Peru.
Treatment is done principally with pentavalent antimonials as suggested by the World Health Organization (8).
L-AmB was used for three patients for the initial treatment and for three patients that did not respond to antimonial treatment (4,5,8,9,11).
In their excellent review Zijstra and El-Hassan (4) (2001) refer to the earliest cases of PKDL reported in Sudan by Christopherson in 1921 and in India by Brahmachari in 1922, a time when trivalent antimonial drugs (for example, antimony tartrate) were the norm for treatment.
have already become resistant to antimonial drugs (the first-line drug in many developing countries) in some regions and may soon become resistant to miltefosine (23).
The ars operon of Escheriohia coli confers arsenical and antimonial resistance.
McGuigan seems not to notice the paradoxical effects of a body of theory which, on the one hand, holds out the possibility of universally valid norms of communication and mutual understanding arising out of the shared conditions of the lifeworld while, on the other, dividing reason into two antimonial realms--praxis and techne--whose separation, once established, cannot be overcome except by imposing the values of one on the other.
European demand for lead and antimonial alloys had been stable, while availability problems had kept prices at high levels, he added.