antimicrobial soap

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an·ti·mi·cro·bi·al soap

(an'tē-mī-krō'bē-ăl sōp)
Cleansing agent containing an ingredient inhibitory to microorganisms.
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Although a persistent-activity antimicrobial soap or alcohol-based hand rub should be used before any surgical procedure, the alcohol-based hand rubs may be the best choice for hand hygiene for both surgical and nonsurgical procedures because of their high level of efficacy, convenience and cost effectiveness (no sinks or paper towels are necessary).
Wash hands with nonantimicrobial soap and water or with antimicrobial soap and water if exposure to bacillus anthracis or any other condition spread by spores is suspected or proven.
Surgical antisepsis is performed with water and antimicrobial soap or plain soap followed by an alcohol-based surgical hand-scrub with persistent activity.
These factors have led to suggestions that antimicrobial products should be more universally used, and a myriad of antimicrobial soaps and skin care products have become commercially available.
Antimicrobial soaps are known to kill germs better than non-antimicrobial soaps.
The research article, "A Meta-Analysis of the Published Literature on the Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Soap," reviewed a total of 25 publications containing 374 observations found to have examined use of both antibacterial and non-antibacterial soap in the same study.
TM) Antimicrobial Soap, is considered one of the most important measures for reducing disease transmission.
In these situations, an antimicrobial soap containing chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) kills MRSA and other staph infections and provides a protective barrier that keeps killing germs for a period of time after washing.
CareGuard Antimicrobial Soap is a liquid hand cleanser that will not irritate or dry skin, even after repeated use.
After this, workers chose an arsenal of germ- fighting products including: waterless hand sanitizers for every desk, germ-killing paper towels and facial tissue and antimicrobial soap, and installing ultraviolet lamps in ventilation systems to kill germs and disinfect workplace air.
The agreement includes the following new Protection Plus(R) products: -- Protection Plus(R) Antimicrobial Soap - a clear antimicrobial soap that is effective against a broad spectrum of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeast and mold.

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