antiembolism stockings

an·ti·em·bo·lism stock·ings

(an'tē-ĕm'bŏ-lizm stok'ingz)
Specially fitted elastic stockings used to compress lower limbs, reduce blood pooling, and promote venous return, thus reducing risk of thrombus formation. Stockings must be correctly fitted and reapplied for optimal effectiveness.
See also: TED hose
Synonym(s): antiembolism hose.
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Contract award: Antiembolism Stockings, Compression Devices & Pumps & Lymphoedema Products.
Heel ulcers in patients with long-standing diabetes who wear antiembolism stockings.
14) Prophylaxis scoring systems for surgical patients have been also proposed, (15) and according to this classification mechanism, all patients having cesarean section should be treated with sequential compression devices or antiembolism stockings.
Core Products International has added antiembolism stockings to its line of compression support hosiery for men and women.
The antiembolism stockings, along with Core Products' other compression support hosiery, are designed to provide support for tired, aching and swollen legs, chronic leg disorders, and mild varicosities.
Why don't we use antiembolism stockings or pneumatic compression for our postop cesarean patients?
Pneumatic antiembolism stockings, with or without the addition of thromboembolism deterrence stockings, were used as the sole form of prophylaxis after brain tumor surgery by 131 (76.