antidrugs, a term used for vitamins and minerals used by practitioners of orthomolecular medicine in an effort to use chemicals that are natural to the body without resorting to synthetic drugs.
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One man, aged in his 20s and believed to be English, was arrested on Monday by gardai and can be held for up to seven days under antidrugs legislation.
TWO sisters have been accused of smoking heroin at a Midland school used to pioneer an antidrugs campaign.
Part of the educational officers' job will be to visit each school in Caerphilly county, taking with them the antidrugs message.
UK ATHLETICS have announced the death of Sir Arthur Gold CBE, one of the most influential athletics officials of his generation and a pioneering antidrugs campaigner.
COLOMBIA: The country's crop of coca, the plant used make cocaine, shrunk by nearly a fourth in 2001, the first full year of a massive US-backed antidrugs offensive, down to 308,000 acres from last year's 402,000 acres.
If you're looking to win votes, opposing the property tax is a no-brainer: It's like declaring that you're antidrugs.
AAM AADMI PARTY ( AAP) MLA Alka Lamba was attacked by a local during an antidrugs campaign in north Delhi's Kashmere Gate area on Sunday.
The Lomax club, in Cumberland Street, was also recently raided by antidrugs police and ordered to shut down.
Leah's parents released a picture of their beloved daughter in hospital and became high-profile antidrugs campaigners.
According to reports, it was boarded by up to 10 men purporting to be antidrugs police on July 24.
As a result of the antidrugs swoops, 473 people have been arrested since September last year.
CCTV would also be installed, there would be registered door staff, and an antidrugs policy.