antidrugs, a term used for vitamins and minerals used by practitioners of orthomolecular medicine in an effort to use chemicals that are natural to the body without resorting to synthetic drugs.
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We are, after all, talking about the same Philippine National Police whose conduct of the government's signature antidrugs campaign has been suspended twice because of public outcry over truly scandalous killings.
We are talking about the same government agency which receives high satisfaction ratings overall but on specific issues, such as whether it is telling the truth when its police officers say suspects in the antidrugs campaign were killed because they fought back, generates very little trust from the public.
Two other men, aged 24 and 53, were held under antidrugs laws by police in Derry.
A man who left his hometown in Cordillera mountains to go to Metro Manila was arrested after he was caught selling dried marijuana leaves to antidrugs policemen in Paranaque on Friday.
The police chief that led the bloody operation targeting Ozamiz City's top political family, the Parojinogs, will receive an award for his 'accomplishments' in antidrugs operations.
Even before the Ozamiz incident, Espenido was already listed among the awardees for his accomplishments during antidrug operations in Albuera, Leyte, and in Ozamiz.
Jerry Amindalan, Taguig antidrugs unit head, declined to make public the name of the bar where Ingram was arrested, citing an earlier agreement between the police and the BGC-based bars, which enlisted the latter's cooperation in the war against drugs.
In August, bar owners in Taguig and neighboring Makati City signed a memorandum of understanding allowing antidrug policemen in plainclothes to enter their establishments to conduct surveillance operations on their customers.
Latest reports have indicated that more than 4,000 alleged drug users and pushers have become casualties in the government's relentless antidrugs campaign.
Sueno said the DILG will release next week the names of city and municipal mayors who deserve to be cited for supporting the antidrugs drive.
People involved in the film, 'Ma' Rosa,' and the TV action-drama series, 'Ang Probinsyano,' should be credited for their 'psychic' gifts, because they have uncannily anticipated the Duterte administration's current 'all or nothing' antidrugs and -criminality campaign.
The Archdiocese of Manila said it would hold a Mass today at the launch of the 'Huwag Kang Papatay' (Thou Shall Not Kill) campaign amid the rising number of people being killed in the government's antidrugs drive.