anti-G suit

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an·ti-G suit

a garment with bladders that expand to apply external pressure to the abdomen and lower extremities during positive-G maneuvers in flight or on a human centrifuge; the anti-G suit is worn to prevent the pooling of blood and serves to increase the wearer's ability to withstand exposure to higher-G forces.

anti-G suit

a rarely used garment designed to produce pressure on the lower part of the bodySee military antishock trousers.

anti-G suit

A garment designed to produce uniform pressure on the lower extremities and abdomen. Normally the suit is used by aviators to help prevent pooling of blood in the lower half of the body during certain flight maneuvers. The garment has also been used in treating severe forms of postural hypotension. The suit's usefulness in treating shock is questionable.


This garment is contraindicated in congestive heart failure, cardiogenic shock, and penetrating chest trauma.
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