anterior urethra

an·te·ri·or u·re·thra

the portion of the urethra distal to the urogenital diaphragm (external sphincter).
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After the impacted urethral stone was seen in the anterior urethra in ureteroscopy, urethrotomy was performed with a 3 cm vertical incision in the penile urethra.
The majority of urethral stones are migrated from the bladder or upper tract, and most of them locate to the posterior and anterior urethra.
1-4) In women, squamous cell carcinoma is the most common histologic subtype (approximately 75%) and is most common in the anterior urethra (distal third).
There are certain tips to be taken before and during surgery helping to improve the outcome, including sterile urine, tension-free anastomosis, and excision of all scar tissues avoiding excess mobilization of the anterior urethra.
13] Metastasis of prostatic adenocarcinoma to the anterior urethra is rare and its pathogenesis is misunderstood.
A wide variety of techniques have been described for the treatment of the anterior urethra, including dilations, urethrotomy, end-to-end urethroplasty, graft urethroplasty, flap urethroplasty and two-stage urethroplasty; success rates depend on the study and the type of treatment.
He was eventually diagnosed at our institution with urethral erosion significant enough to form a patent sinus tract from his anterior urethra to the skin of his lower anterior abdomen.
Standard surgical approach, barring anatomic considerations in the individual patients that would preclude such an approach, is from above, retropubically, with perineal incision reserved for those cases where it is necessary to mobilize the anterior urethra to gain sufficient access and length.
Involvement of the anterior urethra in male patients with transitional cell-carcinoma of the bladder undergoing radical cystectomy with simultaneous urethrectomy.

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