tibialis anterior (muscle)

(redirected from anterior tibial muscle)

tib·i·a·lis an·te·ri·or (mus·cle)

medial muscle of anterior (dorsiflexor) compartment of leg; origin, upper two thirds of lateral surface of tibia, interosseous membrane, and overlying crural fascia; insertion, medial cuneiform and base of first metatarsal; action, dorsiflexion and inversion of foot; provides dynamic support of longitudinal and transverse arches of foot; nerve supply, deep peroneal.
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Nerve conduction studies of the left median, right peroneal, and right sural nerve and electromyography of the left anterior tibial muscle were normal.
Needle electromyography of the right anterior tibial muscle was nonspecifically abnormal and myogenic in the right biceps brachii muscle.
Electromyography of the right biceps brachii muscle was myogenic, that of the right anterior tibial muscle was normal.
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