anterior segment

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an·te·ri·or seg·'ment

a delimited part or section of an organ or other structure that lies in front of or ventral to the other similar parts or sections. See: anterior (bronchopulmonary) segment [S III] [S III], anterior basal (bronchopulmonary) segment [S VIII] [S VIII], anterior inferior renal segment, anterior superior renal segment, anterior segment of eyeball.
Synonym(s): segmentum anterius [TA]

anterior segment

The segment of the eyeball (globe) formed by invasion of neural crest cells into the space between the surface ectoderm and the lens vesicle, which develops into corneal epithelium and lens vesicle. The anterior segment is susceptible to lacerations, swelling, trauma and foreign bodies. 

Sclera, conjunctiva.

anterior segment

1. In ophthalmology, the ciliary body, cornea, iris and lens of the eye.
2. In dentistry, the canine and incisor teeth.
See also: segment

an·te·ri·or seg·ment

(an-tērē-ŏr segmĕnt) [TA]
Delimited part or section of an organ or other structure that lies in front of or ventral to similar parts or sections.
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This e-book is intended for general ophthalmologists and clinicians with a special interest in retinal diseases, glaucoma, anterior segment and cornea.
Along with over 550 images, which includes an expanded collection of anterior segment images, they include three-dimensional schematics demonstrating the sound beam and probe positions on the eye and link images closely with diagnosis techniques.
Tamayo has served as a Fellow in anterior segment surgery at the Fundacion Oftalmologica Argentina, a Fellow of ocular echography at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, as well as a Fellow in statistical analysis from University of Waterloo, Canada with a sub-specialty fellowship in corneal transplants at Duke University.
1 phacoemulsificator latest generation of medical devices including, for anterior segment surgery uoc ophthalmology - for a period of 3 years.
I do not wish to distract from the important messages he conveys with regard to Acanthamoeba Keratitis, however I must take him to task on the sentence: "Any optometrist is better qualified and equipped to identify and differentially diagnose those anterior segment lesions that require emergency referral than any GP, potentially even a contact lens optician"
Phase II proof-of-concept study of the EyeGate(R) II Ocular Drug Delivery System is delivering the company's lead clinical compound, EGP-437, in up to 40 patients with non-infectious acute anterior segment uveitis.
The 31 articles cover nightmares ranging from machine and technique problems with phacoemulsification, difficult cases such as mature cataracts and dyes or floppy iris syndrome, anterior segment problems such as posterior capsular rupture and intraocular lens opacification, posterior segment problems such as malpositioned intraocular implants, and bimanual phacoemulsification problems such as microphakonit.
Part one discusses applications in the anterior segment of the eye with chapters on such topics as advances in intraocular lenses (IOLs), synthetic corneal implants, contact lenses, and tissue engineering of the lens.
It submit tenders for 1 pc photography device for anterior segment photography to a riving lights and 1 pc automatically foropter optional.
This VRICS article presents a selection of anterior segment images of various cases to test the practitioner's recognition and management skills.
ForSight VISION5 is developing non-invasive products to replace eye drops and provide sustained therapy for major anterior segment eye diseases including glaucoma, dry eye, and allergy.
This second edition provides current information on 3D ultrasound; computer analytical technique for power spectrum analysis; ARC scanning with high-frequency evaluation of corneal and anterior segment for use in refractive surgery; and very high frequency digital ultrasound scanning in LASIK and phakic intra-ocular lenses.

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