anterior compartment

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anterior compartment

lower-leg fascial compartment, enclosing the anterior muscle group and (Table 1)
Table 1: Diagnostic tests of collateral ligament injury at the ankle
Test modalityComment
Anterior drawer test>4 mm anterior displacement of calcaneum = ATFL tear
Talar tilt testGreater than normal inversion of STJ = ATFL rupture
Additional dimpling below lateral malleolus = CFL rupture
Ankle arthrographyShows leakage of contrast medium from lateral ankle joint area
Dye leakage inferior to medial malleolus = ruptured deltoid ligament
Peroneal tenographyLeak of contrast medium from the peroneal tendon sheath = CFL tear (CFL is closely apposed to peroneal tendon sheath)
Magnetic resonance imagingPinpoints exact location of ligament/capsule/tendon injury
Computerised tomography scanDiagnoses associated with osseous microfracture, joint mice, loose bodies, avulsion fractures
ArthroscopyVisualizes bone fragments, synovial hypertrophy, chronic synovitis, osteochrondral defects, bone impingement

ATFL, anterior talofibular ligament; STJ, subtalar joint; CFL, calcaneofibular ligament.


situated at or directed toward the front; opposite of posterior. In quadrupeds the use of the term is limited to parts of the head but is often used to mean cranially. In bipeds such as humans it is synonymous with ventral.

anterior abdomen pain
elicited pain in the anterior abdomen caused, in cattle, by reticulitis, hepatic or splenic abscess, abomasal ulcer and intestinal obstruction.
anterior chamber
the part of the eyeball between the cornea and the iris, filled with aqueous humor.
anterior chamber angle
see iridocorneal angle.
anterior compartment
chamber of the eye bounded by the iris and cornea; contains the aqueous humor as it moves to the filtration angle; called also anterior chamber.
anterior cruciate ligament
see cranial (anterior) cruciate ligament.
anterior (cranial) drawer sign
cranial, nonrotary movement of the proximal tibia in relation to the distal femur. Normally restricted by the cranial (anterior) cruciate ligament and used as a diagnostic test for rupture of that structure.
anterior epithelial layer
of the cornea is a noncornified, stratified, squamous epithelium, continuous with the bulbar conjunctival epithelium.
anterior functional stenosis
achalasia of the reticulo-omasal sphincter causing ingesta to accumulate in the reticulorumen.
anterior limiting membrane
of the cornea is a combination of the basement membrane, a felted layer of fine collagen fibers; substantial only in primates.
anterior pituitary
anterior pituitary hormones
anterior station trypanosomes
a section of the genus Trypanosoma in which the infectious stages accumulate in the mouthparts and salivary glands of the intermediate host so that the parasite is transmitted when the insect vector takes a blood meal. Called also Salivaria. See also posterior station trypanosomes.
anterior vena cava
see vena cava.
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While some reports cite low long-term recurrence rates (> 5%) after anterior colporrhaphy, most publications cite > 40% anterior compartment recurrence rates.
of Round Rock, TX, one of the nation's leading urogynecologists, said, "Ascend fulfils a need surgeons have had for years for an implant that can treat both anterior compartment and apical prolapse at the same time and in the same procedure.
Recurrent anterior compartment prolapse with not more than stage 1 apical prolapse (attempt to identify the reason for recurrence to guide individual management plan, though level 1 evidence is lacking)
Overall, transvaginal mesh repair of POP is best suited to women who are high risk due to medical conditions and in those with recurrent prolapse, particularly of the anterior compartment.
Posterior compartment--deep to the parotid duct, contains specialized syssarcosis adipose tissue, a remnant of the succatory fat pad that aids in muscle motion and is of lower CT attenuation and of higher fat signal on MRI than all surrounding fat, including the anterior compartment.
These women include those with recurrent prolapse - particularly of the anterior compartment - and those with medical comorbidities that "preclude more invasive and lengthier open and endoscopic procedures," according to the statement which appears in the December issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology (Obstet.
Foot diseases were divided into muscular (injuries of the knee flexors or triceps surae, chronic compartment syndrome of the anterior compartment of the leg), tendinous (plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy), bony (stress fractures, metatarsalgia).
Burman originally stated that the elbow was "unsuitable" for arthroscopic examination, (1) but later retracted the statement when he was able to visualize the anterior compartment in a cadaveric study.
LOUIS - Mesh kits aren't a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to the treatment of anterior compartment prolapse.
1987) Management of chronic exertional anterior compartment syndrome of the lower extremity.
Procedures include capsulectomy, proximal mobilization of the anterior compartment musculature, and resection of heterotopic ossification.
It is estimated that 80% of surgical repairs for vaginal wall prolapse involve the anterior compartment.

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