anterior chamber paracentesis

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anterior chamber paracentesis

Corneal puncture with removal of aqueous fluid from the anterior chamber of the eye. It is used to instantaneously reduce intraocular pressure and to send fluids for culture and analysis, e.g., in cases of acute angle closure glaucoma or endophthalmitis. Care must be taken to perform the procedure until strict antiseptic conditions.
See also: paracentesis


surgical puncture of a cavity for the aspiration of fluid.

abdominal paracentesis
insertion of a trocar through a small incision or a needle into the abdominal cavity, to remove ascitic fluids, inject a therapeutic agent, or to collect a sample for cytological and chemical examination. It is an important technique in the examination of horses for colic and in investigation of causes of ascites in all species. Called also abdominocentesis.
anterior chamber paracentesis
aspiration of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber may be indicated as a diagnostic procedure in diseases such as hypopyon, hyphemia, glaucoma and iridocyclitis.
pericardial paracentesis
thoracic paracentesis
surgical puncture for drainage of the thoracic cavity and for collection of a sample of fluid for clinical pathology examination See also thoracentesis.
vitreous paracentesis
may be useful in the diagnosis of diseases of the posterior segment of the eye, e.g. endophthalmitis, panophthalmitis and neoplasms. Called also hyalocentesis.
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We believe that this procedure could be performed in most settings, because a well-trained ophthalmic nurse could perform anterior chamber paracentesis safely in situations where qualified ophthalmologists are not available.
Efficacy of anterior chamber paracentesis and Carbogen in treating acute nonarteritic central retinal artery occlusion.
In cases of non-resolving or vision threatening hyphema, anterior chamber paracentesis has to be done.
An emergency anterior chamber paracentesis may be performed to rapidly reduce the IOP.

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