anterior axillary fold

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an·te·ri·or ax·il·lar·y fold

musculocutaneous ridge including the inferior border of pectoralis major muscle that bounds the axillary fossa anteriorly.
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Length of the crutch should extend from 2 inches below the anterior axillary fold till 6 inches in front and lateral to the tip of the toes.
Additionally, the muscle forms the anterior axillary fold making it important cosmetically especially to bodybuilders.
Physical examination revealed an extensive hematoma and swelling in the medial side of the left upper arm and absence of the anterior axillary fold with pain in that area.
Findings as pain in the medial side of the upper arm, swelling and ecchymosis, asymmetry, and weakness with adduction and internal rotation are common, but the most useful sign is the absence of the anterior axillary fold evidenced by resisted adduction or passive abduction of the affected arm [12].
Physical examination shows a thin anterior axillary fold or even a sulcus at the deltopectoral groove.
In 20 cases with presentation time equal to one month and more, weakness in adduction and internal rotation and cosmetic discomfort of a defect at the rupture site and anterior axillary fold were the main complaints (Fig.
Another nodule of size 5 x2cm was present over his left anterior axillary fold with axillary lymphadenopathy.
A technique of core decompression has been described by using a small incision in the anterior axillary fold above the pectoralis major tendon.

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