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Whatever his illness " his condition was never formally diagnosed, but he probably suffered from bipolar disorder " he was particularly afflicted by one component of his illness: anosognosia, the inability of a person to recognise that he is ill.
According to Kortte, Wegener, and Chwalisz (2003), anosognosia is not the same as denial and does not affect QOL in the same manner as denial.
The following case report discusses a 21-year-old Hispanic woman who was brought to the emergency room for evaluation because of experiencing acute left-sided hemiparesis with anosognosia.
Davies (3) nel 1985 ad indicare un complesso di sintomi presenti in alcuni soggetti emiplegici, in particolare comportamento di spinta, neglect, anosognosia e aprassia.
Although behaviorally spontaneous confabulations might be accompanied by false recognition and reduplicative paramnesia (for place and person), which suggests a common neurological basis, there is no consistent association between mnestic and non-mnestic confabulations such as anosognosia.
In Babinski-Anton Syndrome (11 June 1914) there is anosognosia (hemiplegia is not perceived) or anosodiaphoria (the patient is indifferent to the deficit).
Imagery without perception--A case study of anosognosia for cortical blindness.
According to Breggin, intoxication anosognosia explains the persistence that psychiatric consumers demonstrate when they continue psychiatric medications even when mental and behavioral side effects become severe and disabling.
My brother displays anosognosia, or a lack of insight into his illness.
Parallels have been drawn between lack of insight in psychosis and the loss of self awareness that often accompanies frontal lobe dysfunction or anosognosia related to lesions of the right parietal lobe.
Treatment non-adherence is a problem for some individuals with the most severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which can render an individual unable to recognize his or her illness and need for treatment -- a condition called anosognosia.