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There are issues about the impact and lack of funding for treatment of anorexic sufferers here.
Similar anti-anorexia measures in 2008 failed to get final approval in the French legislature, and this effort has also met resistance, including from health professionals who fear it will further stigmatize anorexic youth and make it harder to diagnose and treat them.
For decades, scientists have known that anorexic children behave a little differently.
Scientists suggest that the anorexic brain may be prone to willpower, in both a good and bad sense.
Not all survivors of sexual abuse become intimacy anorexics.
None of the anorexic or control patients had evidence of any visual failure; visual acuity for all remained normal.
Kate Moss has been accused of encouraging teenagers to become anorexic.
Obesity is common, easily recognizable and dangerous, while anorexic people are fewer and many times hide their bodies within their big clothes.
What Heather, of Edinburgh, did not expect was to read users giving "thinspiration" to each other to stay anorexic.
An anorexic woman who walked 12 hours a day as part of a compulsion to lose weight told yesterday how she beat the illness.