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Common name for members of the phylum Annelida.
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Polychaetous annelids from the west coast of Lower California, the Gulf of California and Clarion Island.
The ice worm, Mesenchytraeus solifugs, is the only known annelid that survives exclusively in glacier ice and snow.
We propose to clone the telomerase gene in an annelid by degenerative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) methodology, and compare its DNA sequence to the human telomerase gene.
Hox gene duplication and deployment in the annelid leech Helobdella.
2010), a character more common in annelids and brachiopods than in molluscs.
From those still photographs, we extracted data on 38 invertebrate species from 5 phyla--anthozoans (10), echinoderms (11), molluscs (11), crustaceans (3), and annelids (3).
This ichnocoenosis is interpreted as being inhabited by detritus-feeding crustaceans (Thalassinoides), anemones (Conichnus) and suspension-feeding or predatory annelids (Arenicolites, Palaeophycus, Planolites and Skolithos), and also includes rare bivalve borings (Teredolites) in wood that was presumably floating.
2001], annelids [Davies & McLaughlin 2003] and crustaceans [Griffen 2014]).
Oligochaete annelids have a worldwide distribution, being frequently the most abundant benthic organisms in freshwater ecosystems; many species are cosmopolitan (Brinkhurst and Jamieson 1971).
In addition, they are an important component of the trophic chains, as they forage for insects, arachnids, collembols, annelids, and small vertebrates, and make up the bulk of food for many animals (Reichert and Lockley, 1984; Alvarez-Castaneda et al 2006; Fischer et al.
And these heavily armed annelids have gone through gradual evolutions over the years, not to the point where they grow legs and stand upright but certainly to a position where they can perform admirably on touchscreen devices.