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A monomethyl ester of a 24-carbon branched unsaturated dicarboxylic acid; a carotenoid (a carotene-dioic acid); the orange-red coloring matter from seeds of Bixa orellana; the ethyl ester is used as a food and drug colorant.
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Table 80: Canadian 15-Year Perspective for Carotenoids byProduct Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales forBeta-Carotene, Lutein, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, Annatto,Capsanthin and Other Markets for Years 2004, 2013 and 2018(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-20
For orange, Das uses annatto (Bixa orellana) and for all shades of red (light red to maroon) as in Surya (Sun, figure 7) he uses Indian Madder (manjisthai Rubia cordifolia).
The product formulation was composed of delta-tocotrienol from annatto, along with niacin and three polyphenols, namely resveratrol, pterostilbene, and quercetin.
Similarly, beetroot, paprika and annatto substitute in Britain for the three artificial dyes used in Kellogg's Strawberry Nutri-Grain Bars sold in the U.
For example, he describes the cultivation, preparation, and use of the annatto seeds by the Caribs.
Effects of light, air, anti-oxidants and pro-oxidants on annatto extracts (Bixa orellana).
It's infused with Annatto, a vivid red pigment derived from the seeds of the Urukum shrub.
Others include the three-MPCD-free sauce made from real oysters, anatoxin-free peanut based sauces, and a non-artificial food colouring annatto powder.
Also line of uncertified natural colorants, such as annatto, carmine, tumeric, titanium dioxide, grape-skin extract, and natural beta carotene.
What also differentiates GNT's products from both artificial and formulated colours such as beta-carotene, annatto and carmine, is that those products rely on chemical additives and manipulation in order to work as a colourant, whereas GNT's products do not require any chemical manipulation to work successfully as colourants", adds Hake.
Stand 6229 will feature new products, including certified organic annatto extracts, caramelized sugar flavour and "Darkest Class One" caramel colour.