anisotropic crystal

crystal, anisotropic 

A crystal that exhibits birefringence (double refraction).
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It also allows them to determine if their sample is crystalline or partially crystalline based on the birefringence of anisotropic crystals within the frozen matrix.
Among the topics are two-dimensional problems and waveguides, spherical waves and applications, spatial dispersion and warm plasma, optical waves in anisotropic crystals, and approximate analytical methods based on perturbation and variational techniques.
Topics include optical microscopy and spectroscopy of single molecules, optical properties of single conjugated polymer chains (polydiacetylenes), morphology-correlated photophysics in organic semiconductor thin films by confocal laser microscopy and spectroscopy, spectroscopy of long-lived photoexcitations in pi- conjugated systems, charge transport in disordered organic semiconductors, probing organic semiconductors with terahertz pulses, macroscopic polarization and exciton properties for strong exciton polaritons in anisotropic crystals, sub-5 fs spectroscopy of polydiacetylene, and ultrafast optoelectronic probing of excited states in low-dimensional carbon-based pi-conjugated materials.