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There was a little variation in the red blood cell size, or mild anisocytosis, and rare elliptocytes.
beta]-thalassemia major patients presented with severe anemia with the presence of hypochromia, microcytosis, anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, nucleated red cells, and target cells.
On her peripheral blood smear, 2+ anisocytosis was noted, as were many Dohle bodies and 3+ toxic granules.
There was pleomorphism, dyskeratosis, anisocytosis, and atypical mitotic figures within the cells of the superficial layers of stratified squamous epithelium.
Anisocytosis and anisokaryosis were moderate, while pleomorphism and anaplasia were low-grade.
WBC Toxic granulations 28 Dohle bodies 5 Vacuolations 38 Smudge cells 32 Clefted lymphocytes 10 Hairy projections 2 Auer rods 2 RBC Anisocytosis 54 Poikilocytosis 31 Microcytosis 7 Macrocytosis 2 Hypochromasia 3 Polychromasia 35 Echinocytes (burr cells) 19 Dacrocytes (teardrops) 16 Spherocytes 6 Target cells 2 Acanthocytes 1 Ovalocytes 28 Schistocytes 5 Stomatocytes 2 Howell-Jolly bodies 1 Basophilic stipplings 5 Platelet Clumped platelets 3 Platelet satellitosis 5 Large platelets 8 Giant platelets 8 Overall Cell Morphology Code Concordance, Overall Type % Concordance, % WBC Toxic granulations 78.
Thrombocytopenia may be present at diagnosis in about 25% of patients, and anemia with anisocytosis, stippling, polychromasia, and circulating nucleated red cells may be observed.
Variable moderate anisokaryosis and anisocytosis were observed, with a mitotic index of 33 per 10 x 400 fields.
Peripheral blood examination showed hypochromic microcytic anemia, anisocytosis, and target cells.
Gupta and associates (24) concluded that multiple growth patterns, anisocytosis, atypia in most (>75%) epithelial proliferations, macronucleoli, and atypical mitoses are helpful in separating BAC from nonneoplastic epithelial proliferations at the time of frozen section.
The red blood cell distribution width (RDW) is a measure of anisocytosis.