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Referring to a negatively charged ion.


adjective Referring to an anion.


(an'i?on) [ ana- + Gr. ion, going]
An ion carrying a negative charge. It is attracted by and travels to the anode. Examples are acid radicals and corresponding radicals of their salts.
See: cation; electrolyte; ionanionic (an?i?on'ik), adjective
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The functionality of anionic surfactants is the overarching driver in the South African market," notes Frost & Sullivan Research's Chemicals, Materials and Food Research Analyst Carolyn Krynauw.
Product Overview II-4 Surfactants II-4 Chemistry of Surface-Active Agents II-4 Overview of Raw Materials Used for Manufacturing Surfactants II-4 LAB: The Key Input Material for Anionic Surfactant II-4 Other Materials II-5 Surfactant Manufacturing Process II-5 Classification II-5 Anionic Surfactants II-5 Applications II-5 Nonionic Surfactants II-6 Applications II-6 Cationic Surfactants II-6 Applications II-6 Amphoteric Surfactants II-6 Applications II-7 Other Surface Active Agents II-7 Polymeric Surfactants II-7 Silicon Surfactants II-7 Perfluorinated Surfactants II-7 End Use Segments II-7 Overview II-7
Oleochemical-based sources will dictate the future of sulfonated anionic surfactants in Europe," states Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Mahesh Kumar.
The complex not only avoids the hydrolysis of alum, but also changes the rosin or polyester, or both, from anionic to cationic.
The structural formula of PPy is given as Scheme 1 in which A-indicates the anionic ion coming from oxidants or additives.
The authors begin by discussing the history of the discovery of these compounds in the 1980s and move on to cover the use of amphiphilic, anionic and cationic AMPs to facilitate cell death in microbes.
has been granted a patent for an aqueous coating resin composition comprised of a water-dispersible nonionic resin (A) and a water-dispersible anionic core-shell resin (B), characterized in that the water-dispersible nonionic resin (A) contains a polyoxyalkylene group-containing polymerizable unsaturated monomer (al) at 5%-50% mass of the total polymerizable unsaturated monomer used for production of the resin (A) wherein the resin contains no ionic functional groups and contains both a polymerizable unsaturated monomer with a C4 and greater hydrocarbon group and a hydroxyl-containing polymerizable unsaturated monomer as copolymerizable components, and the water-dispersible anionic core-shell resin (B) contains an anionic group in the resin.
We can now separate the anionic and the cationic peptides, since they will not migrate in the same way," says Bazinet.
polypropylene by adding 5 wt% anionic surfactants with hydrocarbon groups, e.
This paper was thus aimed at investigating the effect of seven surfactants (zwitterion, nonionic, anionic, and cationic surfactants) on smectite clay's consistency limits and contact angles.
They contain nonionic, anionic or a blend of these type surfactants.