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Completely reversible dehydration of live organisms.
[anhydro- + biosis]


A dormant state induced by drought in which an organism becomes almost completely dehydrated and reduces its metabolic activity to an imperceptible level, occurring in small invertebrates such as tardigrades and in some plant seeds.

an·hy′dro·bi·ot′ic (-ŏt′ĭk) adj.
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How rotifers prevent lethal damage during anhydrobiosis has not yet been fully resolved.
Recipes for successful anhydrobiosis in bdelloid rotifers.
Anhydrobiosis without trehalose in bdelloid rotifers.
In order to purge the anabiotic process of its spontaneous-generation taint, he says, scientists in this century renamed it cryptobiosis, meaning return to life, or anhydrobiosis, meaning life without water.
Still, he notes, scientists studying anhydrobiosis continue to grapple with the question of life or death.
Crowe (1974) discusses several types of latent states among tardi grades including anhydrobiosis, the cryptobiotic state induced by desiccation, the state that most limno-terrestrial tardigrades must survive.