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North America has the largest market for angiography devices, followed by Europe.
Member of Iran's Inventors Association noted angiography as one of the diagnostic procedures in the field of cardiovascular diseases and said by this procedure it was possible to assess coronary anatomy and subsequently detect the lesion location and the appropriate treatment.
That day as usual I went to my office at the Works Ministry and was later admitted to the BDF hospital a night before the angiography.
CT angiography requires complex computer technology and algorithms as well as substantial operator experience and judgment to interpret image data.
However our study is significant because it shows radiologists are able to significantly decrease the radiation dose delivered to the patient during CT angiography," said Dr.
Our hypothesis was that angiography is necessary in the workup of all patients with temporal bone fractures, regardless of the presence or absence of neurocranial abnormalities seen on head CT.
An independent panel of doctors found that 1,375 of the patients were suitable for angiography, but 69% of them did not undergo this investigation.
Methods: Sixty one patients (31 males, 30 females, mean age: 56 [+ or -] 13 years) with LBBB who have determined stenosis higher than 50% in quantitative coronary angiography were included in the cross-sectional study.
All patients undergoing CT angiography >24 hours after ICU admission for respiratory deterioration from April 2000 until January 2004 were included.
Direct signs of injury on CT angiography include irregular arterial margins and filling defects, contrast extravasation, lack of vascular enhancement, and vascular caliber changes.
In addition, CT angiography had a high sensitivity, meaning that it was unlikely to miss significant carotid disease.
Several studies have found that availability of angiograhy or revascularization facilities at the admitting hospital substantially increases the likelihood of a patient receiving angiography following an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) (Every et al.