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Auxiliary, accessory, or secondary.
[L. ancillaris, relating to a maidservant]


Etymology: L, ancillaris, handmaid
pertaining to something that is subordinate, auxiliary, or supplementary.


adjective Referring to that which is over and above a norm; additional, supplementary. The term is included highlight the differences in pronunciation between British and American English. 

Medspeak-UK: pronounced, ann SILL urry.
Medspeak-US: pronounced, ANN sill airy.


Auxiliary, accessory, or secondary.
[L. ancillaris, relating to a maidservant]
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For years, ancillary laboratories were tolerated by lab directors who had more important things to worry about.
The report covers the various government initiatives concerning the auto ancillary industry in India.
Based on 1995 cost report data, the facility-specific Medicare per diem is calculated and broken down into the following components: routine, nonrehabilitation ancillary services and rehabilitation ancillary services (PT, OT and Speech Therapy).
By working with an ancillary network, payers not only receive contracted discounts on needed and approved treatment, but these networks place a more focused control around utilization review and provider management.
At Maximize: 2014 Multifamily Asset Management Conference (Maximize), Convened by NAA in partnership with Joshua Tree Conference Group, October 1315 at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, the Incremental and Ancillary Revenue Strategies presentation, led by Bell Partners Vice President Mark Vernon, will explore the promise of these opportunities.
Travel agents will be able to make the seat reservations easily and efficiently through Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services, as the solution seamlessly integrates the process into agents' normal workflow.
Airlines generally moved up the chart for 2011 in terms of overall ancillary revenue produced.
Based on percentage of total revenue, budget carriers led the way and, according to the survey, rely on ancillary fees as a matter of financial survival.
In fact, Amadeus research estimates that ancillary services were worth over $35 billion to airlines in 2011, contributing nearly 20 per cent of total revenues for some carriers.
Worldwide estimates of ancillary revenues by Amadeus reveal a USD9.
TRX Inc (NASDAQ:TRXI), a US-based company engaged in travel technology and data services, has launched a solution for travel and expense managers for dealing with ancillary fees charged by travel suppliers.
Essentially, as projects are completed within the GCC, there is an opportunity for developers to shift their focus from 'develop to sell' to a 'develop, manage and collect' business model and tap into ancillary revenue sources, explained Dr.