anatomy trains

anatomy trains, lines of bone and connective tissue that run throughout the body, organize the structural forces required for motion, and link all parts of the body. May act as conduits for acupuncture stimulation and other energetic modalities.
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The ground breaking work of Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains took this concept of myofascial chains to another level.
Anatomy Trains Revealed: Early Dissective Evidence, by Tom Myers
Myofascial meridians were defined by Myers when he wrote his textbook Anatomy Trains, providing therapists with a new understanding of whole-body patterning in posture and function--the interplay of movement and stability.
Use the Anatomy Trains scheme to comprehend the larger pattern of your client's structural relationships, then apply whatever techniques you have at your disposal toward resolving the pattern," says Myers.
Thomas Myers' superbly-written Anatomy Trains offers a holistic view of causes of bodily injury, and manual therapies effective in rehabilitation.
Anatomy Trains builds on the myofascial release work of Dr.
Tracking that webbing around the body's anatomical structures to explain its patterns and effects, is what Anatomy Trains is about.