analytical specificity

an·a·lyt·i·cal spec·i·fic·i·ty

freedom from interference by any element or compound other than the analyte.
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isolates from the ESR culture collection The following known organisms were selected for inclusion in an analytical specificity panel, including six Y.
Is there too much emphasis on the analytical specificity rather than the diagnostic sensitivity of a test?
The analytical specificity is calculated by dividing the true negatives by the sum of the true negatives plus false positives [TN/(TN+FP)].
Detection primers must stringently discriminate between mutant and normal sequences to achieve high analytical sensitivity (minimum copy number of mutant DNA that generates a detectable signal) and high analytical specificity (maximum copy number of wild type DNA that does not result in a detectable signal).
The analytical specificity of the COBAS TaqMan MTB test was further evaluated by using M.
For modified FDA-cleared test systems, in-house developed tests, or tests without provided performance specifications from the manufacturer, the lab must establish performance specifications for accuracy, precision, analytical sensitivity, analytical specificity, reportable range, and reference intervals.
To determine the analytical specificity of the assay, we tested 36 clinical strains of A.
More important, CLIA regulations require that before a laboratory introduces a new method or test that does not use a commercially available test kit, it must establish and document the performance specifications for accuracy, precision, analytical sensitivity, analytical specificity, and quality of results for patient care: all essential parameters of quality and performance.
Convenient and ready to use, this standardized, serially diluted panel will help users establish or verify performance specifications for the linearity, accuracy, precision, reportable range, analytical sensitivity, and analytical specificity of their BK virus assays.
One of the main disadvantages of immunoassays is the lack of analytical specificity due to cross-reactivity with drug metabolites (active and inactive) and other analytes (8).
Considerations in determining analytical specificity in FISH studies include the fidelity with which the probe hybridizes only to its expected chromosome target (probe specificity) and the performance of the assay as a diagnostic test with few false-positive results in comparison to a gold standard (assay specificity).
Only LGV strains L1, L2, L2b, and L3 tested positive in both the TaqMan and Rotorgene assays, which shows the analytical specificity of real-time PCR.
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