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The original was founded at Zurich-Hottingen as a training and research centre for analytical psychology (the phrase coined by Jung to distinguish his approach from Freud's psychoanalysis).
The book includes lectures the author delivered at the 2011 Conference of the Moscow Association for Analytical Psychology, art and photographic images, and patient anecdotes.
Key Papers in Contemporary Analytical Psychology, 83-102, London: Routledge, 1998.
Several years earlier she had received the diploma in Analytical Psychology from the C.
In this exploration of Jungian concepts, Byington a founder/first president of the Brazilian Society for Analytical Psychology, begins aptly enough with the creation of the universe and how what Jung called humanity's "shadow" side is threatening the world.
The author suggests that the psychodrama modality integrates aspects of existential therapy, Gestalt therapy, transactional analysis and Jungian analytical psychology.
She uses cognitive analytic therapy, as well as research and ideas from transpersonal and humanistic psychology, analytical psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness and body oriented sensorimotor psychotherapy.

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