analytic study

an·a·lyt·ic stud·y

in epidemiology, a study designed to examine associations, commonly putative or hypothesized causal relationships; usually concerned with identifying or measuring the effects of risk factors or with the health effects of specific exposures. Overall, a vague term preferably avoided.
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federations, such as the analytic study of road safety data and the Arab
DENVER, July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- An analytic study by OCI found that over 4% of all workers' comp claims have a duplicate bill sent to a group health plan.
A cluster analytic study of osteoprotective behavior in undergraduates.
2004) study suggests a hypothesis that could be further examined in an appropriately controlled analytic study.
This volume consists of an analytic study of the Targum of Lamentations in three chapters and concludes with a fourth chapter containing "Textual Tradition and Principles of Translation" (appendix 1), "The Text of Codex Vaticanus Urbinas Hebr.
Louis Jewry will utilize Ehrlich's material to produce a more engaging and analytic study.
The essays range widely both temporally, from 1969 to 1995, and topically, from an analytic study of coercion to thoughts on Socrates' profession of ignorance, to short "philosophical fictions.
A more analytic study might have been less empathic, less dialogic.
Indeed, in this exploratory factor analytic study, I was uncertain about the number or nature of the factors that would emerge.
There follows an excellent analytic study of one of the Albrechtsberger concertos, and a good--if too brief-summary of the lives and work of some of the nineteenth-century Jew's harp virtuosi, including Franz-Paul Koch and Karl Eulenstein.
CBPM researchers plan to work with other departments within the college to enhance its analytic study of the survey results, and potentially publish separate papers based on those efforts.

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