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Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) has matured into its own specialty, creating many analysis variables from human terrain to sensor/radar development.
Objective--To determine the effects of meloxicam on values of hematologic and plasma biochemical analysis variables and results of histologic examination of tissue specimens of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica).
We provide a descriptive profile on the analysis variables crosstabulated by homemaker closure status, race, and gender.
Table 1 Descriptive Statistics for Analysis Variables by Outcome, Race/Ethnicity, and Gender Homemaker Competitive (a) Measure African African White American White American (a) Females Age at Application M 69.
To select a set of analysis variables, the various types of information collected in the surveys were considered in relation to the literature on hardship and hardship-prone groups, as were the perceptions of frontline operational staff about the sorts of circumstances that are associated with the need for additional assistance by beneficiaries.
Analysis variables included the two orders of testing, control versus exposure test conditions, and the hourly blood values for the outcome measures.
Processing and thermal analysis variables affecting shrinkage were identified.
The comparative analysis variables include reimbursement, supply cost, utilization and clinical resource data.
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