anal orifice

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, gen. and pl.


(ā'nŭs, -nī), [TA]
The lower opening of the digestive tract. It is associated with the anal sphincter and lies in the cleft between the buttocks, through which fecal matter is extruded.
Synonym(s): anal orifice

anal orifice

Etymology: L, orificium, an opening
1 the external opening at the end of the anal canal.
2 the anus, surrounded by the anal sphincter muscle.


(or'i-fis) [L. orificium, outlet]
The mouth, entrance, or outlet of any anatomical structure. orificial (-fi'shal), adjective

anal orifice

The anus.

atrioventricular orifice

The opening between the atrium and the ventricle on each side of the heart.

cardiac orifice

The opening of the esophagus into the stomach.

external urethral orifice

The exterior opening of the urethra. In the male, it is located at the tip of the glans penis; in the female, it is located anterior and cephalad to the vaginal opening.

ileal orifice

Ileocecal valve.

internal urethral orifice

The opening from which the urethra makes its exit from the bladder.

mitral orifice

The opening between the left atrium and the left ventricle.

pyloric orifice


ureteric orifice

The opening of the ureter into the bladder.
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5" x 2" at dorsal aspect of anal orifice below the tail for 5 months (Fig.
2 between mucous coat and skin to make a permanent anal orifice (Fig.