anemic anoxia

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a·ne·mic an·ox·i·a

a term formerly considered synonymous with anemic hypoxia, but now reserved for extremely severe cases in which oxygen and functional erythrocyte volume are almost completely lacking.

anemic anoxia

a condition characterized by an oxygen deficiency in body tissues, resulting from a decrease in the number of erythrocytes or in the amount of hemoglobin in the blood.

a·ne·mic an·o·xia

(ă-nē'mik an-ok'sē-ă)
Anemic hypoxia in which oxygen is almost completely lacking.
Synonym(s): anaemic anoxia, anaemic anoxia.


absence of oxygen in the tissues; often used interchangeably with hypoxia to mean a reduction of oxygen in body tissues below physiological levels. The condition is accompanied by deep respirations, cyanosis, increased pulse rate and impairment of coordination.

anemic anoxia
reduction of oxygen in body tissues because of diminished oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
anoxic anoxia
reduction of oxygen in body tissues due to interference with the oxygen supply.
histotoxic anoxia
condition resulting from diminished ability of cells to utilize available oxygen.
stagnant anoxia
condition due to interference with the flow of blood and its transport of oxygen.