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1%) were prevalent in anaemic children studied between 4-17 months.
Characteristics###Anaemic group###Non anaemic group
Pregnant women, who are found to be clinically anaemic, are given additional 100 tablets for taking two tablets daily.
The children were categorised into anaemic (Hb [less than or equal to] 10g/dL) and non-anaemic groups.
Longitudinal studies have found that children who were anaemic in the first 2 years of life continued to function poorly in later childhood.
About half of both anaemic and non-anaemic students showed normal body-weight.
Baseline iron studies to assess available iron stores have also been incorporated into the recently released national PBM Guidelines--Perioperative (Module 2) (13) in the 'Preoperative haemoglobin assessment and optimisation template' for both anaemic and non-anaemic patients having major surgery in which substantial blood loss is anticipated.
Dr Khawla Belhoul, Director of the Thalassemia Centre at the DHA said: "Blood disorders still pose a huge challenge for the health sector as 30 per cent of the world's population is anaemic and in terms of genetic blood disorders thalassemia is the most common disorder worldwide and is more prevalent in the Arab region.
Jerome Taylor is part of the Windies' anaemic bowling attack
According to the research, more than half (56 per cent) of 788 preschool children in innercity Birmingham were found to be anaemic by World Health Organisation standards.