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Relating to amylolysis.


(am″ĭ-lol′ĭ-sĭs) [ amylo- + -lysis]
Hydrolysis of starch into sugar in the process of digestion.
amylolytic (-ō-lit′ik), adjective
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Protein enrichment of sweet-potato residue by solid-state cultivation with mono-cultures and cocultures of amylolytic fungi.
flavu, v, and Emericella nidulans, exhibited amylolytic activity.
Amylolytic activity ([micro] mol/g of starch broken) in calculation per 1 g of the intestinal mucosa in control rats fluctuated from 5.
The mold can assimilate urea, ammonium nitrate, asparagine, and KCN, and is proteolytic and amylolytic.
So, in cereal richer in proteins, amylolytic activity decreases.
When high starch rations are fed, amylolitic organisms are found in larger percentages of the total microbial population, because rapid fermentation decrease rumen pH which encourages amylolytic microorganisms to proliferate [28] and celluloliyic bacteria decrease because of low pH in rumen [34].
Lipolytic activity was observed in lipase test medium while it has shown a positive proteolytic and negative amylolytic activity.
Dobereiner, J 1993 Interactions of Acetobacter diazotrophicus with amylolytic yeast in nitrogen-free batch culture FEMS Microbiol Lett 106: 341-346
However, adding exogenous enzymes, with amylolytic activity, to low-starch dairy rations increased the digestibility of the forage fraction of the diet.
The effect of storage temperature on reducing sugar concentration and the activities of three amylolytic enzymes in tubers of the cultivated potato, Solanum tuberosum L.