A tumor within which amyloid is produced.
[amyloid + G. -oma,tumor]
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Amended Diagnosis Discoverer Downgraded diagnoses 1 DCIS in sclerosing Pathologist adenosis 2 (a) DCIS in sclerosing Pathologist adenosis 3 DCIS in sclerosing Pathologist adenosis Upgraded diagnoses 4 IDC Pathologist 5 IDC, DCIS Pathologist 6 IDC, DCIS Pathologist 7 DCIS with Pathologist microinvasion 8 Microinvasive Pathologist lobular carcinoma 9 IDC, DCIS Pathologist 10 Micrometastatic Pathologist carcinoma Changed diagnoses 11 ADH in complex Pathologist sclerosing lesion 12 Severe ADH Pathologist 13 DLBCL Pathologist 14 Amyloidoma Pathologist Mechanism of Time to Case No.
There are a few differential considerations for the imaging appearance of lingual osseous choristomas, including tonsilloliths, amyloidoma, and extraskeletal osteosarcoma.
Hegarty JL, Rao VM: Amyloidoma of the nasopharynx: CT and MR findings.
9 4 4 0 n/a >40 3 2 1 n/a Total 108b 89 19 n/a Brain tumor pathology (c) Acoustic neuroma 1 1 0 n/a Amyloidoma 2 1 1 n/a Astrocytoma (d) 6 4 2 n/a Carcinoma (e) 9 5 4 n/a Chordoma (e) 1 1 0 n/a CPA tumour 1 1 0 n/a Glioblastoma 27 21 6 n/a multiforme (e) Hemangioblastoma 4 3 1 n/a Lymphoma (e) 1 0 1 n/a Meningioma 39 38 1 n/a Neurocytoma 1 1 0 n/a No pathology 4 3 1 n/a Oligodendroglioma (d) 1 1 0 n/a Pituitary tumour 8 7 1 n/a Schwanomma 1 1 0 n/a Seminoma (e) 1 0 1 n/a Subependyoma 1 1 0 n/a Teratoid rhaboid 1 1 0 n/a tumour (e) Total 109 90 19 (a) Combined comparison: [chi square] between SGA-A versus combined categories ofSGA-B, and SGA-C (SGA, subjective global assessment).
Multiple myeloma--associated solitary epidural amyloidoma of C2-C3 without bony connection or myelopathy: case report and review of literature.
Primary isolated amyloidoma of the lumbar spine causing neurological compromise: case report and literature review.
Therefore, when a mass is detected in the intestines of a patient with FMF, it is important to remember that amyloidoma could be the cause.
Nodular pulmonary amyloidosis, also known as nodular parenchymal amyloidosis or nodular amyloidoma, is defined as 1 or more tumefactive amyloid deposits involving the lungs.
Lopez Amado M, Lorenzo Patino MJ, Lopez Blanco G, Arnal Monreal E Giant primary amyloidoma of the tonsil.
Less common diagnostic mimics include inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT), reactive nodular fibrous pseudotumor, fibromatosis, Gardner fibroma, sclerosing mesenteritis, and amyloidoma.
The MRI and CT findings were suspicious for glioma, and stereotactic biopsy with intraoperative squash preparation followed by routine histology and electron microscopy revealed amyloidoma.