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2 Streptomycin is an aminocyclitol glycoside antibiotic that was the first antibiotic used in the treatment of TB.
Aminoglycosides is a significant member of broad spectrum antibiotics with a peculiar structure of an aminocyclitol ring.
Streptomycin an aminocyclitol glycoside antibiotic is one of the first line drug used for the treatment of TB (WHO 2010) though Centre for Disease Control Atlanta USA has recommended to use it as second line drug due to increasing
The central aminocyclitol (2-DOS) is ring II and unprimed, while ring III is a substituent at position 5 or 6 of 2- deoxystreptamine and is numbered as double primed.
Aminoglycosides are natural or semi-synthetic antibiotics with a heterocyclic structure formed by two or more aminosugars linked by glycoside bonds to an aminocyclitol ring.