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amines (əmēnz´), organic compounds that contain nitrogen.
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3,4) Amines used with epoxy resins are primary, secondary, or tertiary amines.
For the pendent secondary amines grafted onto HDPE, this effect is less pronounced, but still present.
Figure 14 shows the yellowing indexes measured for the other amines.
Performance of an amine solution in gas plants is reduced mainly by accumulation of such contaminants as suspended solids, hydrocarbon liquids, and degradation products, says a report based on a presentation to 19th Annual Technical Conference of the GCC Chapter of the Gas Processors Association, Kuwait.
One way to improve the work environment in your core room is to optimize and troubleshoot your facility's amine vapor system.
Our programme will offer tailor-made analyses, a technical report within three weeks of the solvent's arrival and advice on how to improve the operation and reliability of the amine unit based on the test results and Shell's operational experience.
For less active amines, the calculated m K values were similar to the spectrophotometrically obtained results presented in the literature.
AMINES DEMAND (million dollars) % Annual Growth Item 2000 2005 2010 05/00 10/05 Amines Demand 1815 2280 2850 4.
Dabco 33-LV and BL-11 tertiary amine catalysts for flexible slabstock and flexible molded systems provide precise control of gelling and blowing.
However, since ethylenediamine contains twice as much nitrogen as monoethanolamine, it can be concluded that the two amines reacted with the sapwood to a similar degree.
Comments on the history and importance of aromatic and heterocyclic amines in public health.
These make patients sensitive to biogenic amines in foods, such as some mature cheeses; fermented foods, e.