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Using the amide proton signals of intracellular proteins and peptides to detect pH effects in MRI.
Figure 3 and Table 3 further indicate that PrePEEA-20 is an amorphous polymer, and that PrePEEAs with amide contents higher than 30 mol% are crystallizable PEEAs.
Fisher, LE, Caroon, JM, Stabler, SR, Lundberg, S, Zaidi, S, Sorensen, CM, Sparacino, ML, Muchowski, JM, "Mild Hydrolysis or Alcoholysis of Amides.
The fatty amide were obtained by the reaction of diethnolamine with Albizia benth seed oil.
Articaine hydrochloride: a study of the safety of a new amide local anesthetic.
Should the commission determine that Amide is not an acceptable buyer (or that the manner of the divestiture is unacceptable) Novartis must rescind the transaction with Amide and sell the assets to a commission-approved buyer within six months.
Building upon previous research, DXMS measures the rate at which peptide amide hydrogens exchange with the hydrogen in the water where the protein is dissolved.
Two other hydrogen bonds between the vanadate and the protein are made by nitrogen NE2 of Glu11 and by the amide nitrogen of Phe120.
However, a discussion of torsional constraints (planar groups such as amide and benzo) predicted that ring formation should be easier if these groups were present (Alder & White 1988).
The synthetic approach to two diastereomeric series of these compounds involves an amide enolate alkylation using R-prolinol as a chiral auxiliary and two isomeric epoxides derived from D-ala nine.
They attached a chemical group called an amide bisphosphonate to a buckyball and then added 16 hydroxyls to make the molecule water-soluble.