ambulatory setting

am·bu·la·to·ry set·ting

(am'byū-lă-tōr-ē set'ing)
An environment in which health care services are provided to nonhospitalized patients.
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As medical care continues to shift from the inpatient setting to the ambulatory setting, this textbook will be an excellent primer for the novice teacher.
The commission is focusing first on certifying products for the ambulatory setting.
Standard microscopy is very difficult to use as a screening tool to rule out UTI in an ambulatory setting," she said.
The problems are very different in the ambulatory setting and the residents need that experience.
The Hospital Readmission Management solution, which will complement Phytel's existing products for enhancing preventive and chronic care in the ambulatory setting, is the first offering in a new service line that will help healthcare organizations improve post-discharge care and prevent unnecessary readmissions.
We will look into the feasibility of family practice residency programs in various regions of Louisiana that will provide a base of referral to Tulane University Hospital as a tertiary hub and a training base for medical students and residents who choose to go into primary care, primarily in an ambulatory setting," Foulks explains.
The delivery of health care in an ambulatory setting is totally different from delivery of care in acute settings," he says.
Nursing administration in ambulatory care settings and ambulatory care nurses need to be invested in developing a plan to provide clinical learning experiences for student nurses in their ambulatory setting as a means of attracting future nurses.
For this reason, when nurses, managers, and administrators ask about the method for determining the levels and numbers of nursing staff appropriate for delivering quality care in the ambulatory setting, there is no magic solution.
Physicians will get on board in the ambulatory setting and help to make all of this happen.
DrFirst is also the vendor of choice for over 60 hospitals in the inpatient and ambulatory setting.
When physicians see patients they know, they are more productive in the ambulatory setting and may use fewer tests.

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