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a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as ability to walk from place to place independently with or without assistive device. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.


The activity of walking about.
[L. ambulo, to walk]


(am′byŭ-lāt″) [L. ambulare, to move about]
To walk or move about freely.
ambulation (am″byŭ-lā′shŏn)

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Q. How to design and run a Ambulance Service effectively. Different Models, Costs, Safety features, Planning, Strategy, Promotions, Partnerships, Risks etc...

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Pohl, Mehrholz, Ritschel, and Ruckriem, (2002) compared the effects of a 4-week structured speed-dependent treadmill training (STT) to limited progressive treadmill training (LTT) and to conventional gait training (CGT) in subacute stroke patients with limited community ambulation.
State surveyors will smile when they see an active restorative program that is changing your facility to one that is assisting every resident to reach their fullest ambulation potential.
Premorbid ambulation status was classified as ambulant with aids, non ambulant or independent ambulation.
Differential reinforcement of an incompatible response (social attention for upright walking) should decrease socially stigmatizing ambulation because the incompatible responses are functionally equivalent.
Ambulation was achieved in 14 of 23 patients who received 0.
The effects of rehabilitation interventions such as changing a prosthetic component or adding a gait aid may be more objectively measured with a reliable and accurate ambulation monitoring device.
Essential to any ambulation program is the ability to standardize an evaluation for ambulation.
The Prostar study found that time to ambulation was significantly reduced with the Prostar systems when compared with the traditional compression method of closing arterial access sites.
Although this method has been effective, analysis of H reflex modulation across varying speeds would require recalculation of gait phases on the basis of changing latencies with changes in ambulation speed.
The low complication rate reported in this study is remarkable, as the majority of patients were obese," according to the physicians who authored the study, Rapid Ambulation After Coronary Angiography via Femoral Artery Access: A Prospective Study of 1000 Patients.
They perform certain activities that are an adjunct to therapy, including ambulation, passive range of motion, splint and orthotics applications, and other modalities, such as hot and cold packs.