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1. walking or able to walk; not confined to bed.
2. of a condition or procedure, not requiring admission to a hospital for an overnight stay.


, ambulant (am'byū-lă-tōr'ē, am'bū-lant),
Walking about or able to walk about; denoting a patient who is not confined to bed or hospital as a result of disease or surgery.
[L. ambulans, walking]


/am·bu·lant/ (am´bu-lant) ambulatory.


Walking; able to walk.


, ambulant (am'byū-lă-tōr-ē, am'byū-lănt)
Walking about or being able to walk about; denoting a patient who is not confined to bed or hospital as a result of disease or surgery.
[L. ambulans, walking]

ambulant, ambulatory

walking or able to walk.

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Q. How to design and run a Ambulance Service effectively. Different Models, Costs, Safety features, Planning, Strategy, Promotions, Partnerships, Risks etc...

A. Hmm... this website ( ) contains a lot of information about how to run an ambulance service, from addresses to fee tables.

Hope I could help!

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Raw optical data can be stored during ambulant measurement or broadcast to a laptop computer; graphs to illustrate changes in ΔO[sub.
Of the study population, 26% were male and 74% female; 42% of those who initiated treatment were assessed as bedridden, and the remaining 58% were ambulant.
A season ticket for one of the disabled or helper's seats in the ambulant area costs pounds 156.
Regional Director Grace Ursua of the DOLE Regional Office No, 1 reported to Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz that the Municipality of Magsingal received P449,975 worth of livelihood assistance for its 30 ambulant vendors; Galimuyod received P374,375 for 25 ambulant vendors, while San Vicente was given P300,000 for its 20 ambulant vendors.
Wouldn't it be lovely to know that we are just as welcome as ambulant people.
L'acte revet une tres forte charge symbolique car c'est l'immolation de Mohamed Bouazizi, un vendeur ambulant de Sidi Bouzid (centre) qui avait declenche la revolution tunisienne le 17 decembre 2010.
The event, organised by Middlesbrough Athletic Club (Mandale), is open to all Year 5 and 6 athletes and all age groups up to senior level and has the usual track and field disciplines for able-bodied and ambulant athletes including two wheelchair events.
81sec in the 100m ambulant, coming home sixth behind Neil Fachie with 11.
The 34-year-old will be competing in the shot and ambulant discus.
But I have a certain sympathy with the Tesco manager in Trowbridge, Wilts, who warned an elderly disabled couple - one ambulant, one in a wheelchair - for taking too long to shop.
Ambulant patients attending clinics are invited to wait in the open area beyond -- the central space between the two building tracts.
The central element of this ambulant approach is medical care and psychological support.