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The painter had a knack not just for keeping himself and his art slightly ajar but for serving up eccentricity and ambiguous sexuality, though it was all suitably distanced from gratuitous scandal; Huvudgigarens frukost (Headhunter's Breakfast), 1940-42, showing cannibals feverishly dancing around shrunken heads lined up like so many cabbages in a grocer's window, is a naughty folly worthy of the Bomarzo gardens or a Marx Brothers comedy.
Vidal tamped his enthusiasm for Buchanan Dying because he thought Updike skirted the matter of Buchanan's ambiguous sexuality.
Thus does Mann reveal the "thrice ambiguous sexuality of Yusef": his identity as a true son (of Rachel), the true love object of his father (an infantilized son) and the guarded son of a jealous God, which suggests an implicit vow of chastity (59).
Pulham proposes that Lee's ambiguous sexuality has a formal relationship with her stories of the fantastic--that her literary and psychic spaces overlap.
Same-sex interaction is not a frequent topic in Mesopotamian literature, but neither is it unknown: the Epic of Gilgames, the Middle Assyrian Laws, excerpts from omen literature, and texts referring to people with ambiguous sexuality are regularly mentioned when the issue of homosexuality is raised with regard to cuneiform sources.
Sixteen of us - eight women, seven men and one brazenly camp media type with zebra skin braces, a wacky cravat and an ambiguous sexuality as well as hairline - comprised the UK's jury for the 1996 contest held in Oslo.
Today, scholars may argue over the Pardoner's ambiguous sexuality, but Chaucer was obviously at pains to include some member of his society's sexual underbelly in his entourage.
Although the mythical world of John Stothers' new musical, "Pilgrim," lacks specific historical coordinates, it may seem oddly familiar: bawdy wenches, sooty-faced urchins, a nattering madman, a mercenary operator of ambiguous sexuality - we're in the land of the bloated musical.
Music - "Robbie Williams' ambiguous sexuality proves to me how he is the perfect example of a modern man.
His style bears the obvious influence of the Pre-Raphaelites, but his subject matter (much of it drawn from his Jewish background), his humour and an irrepressible but ambiguous sexuality mark him out.
He often conveyed an androgynous image and ambiguous sexuality.
Leaving his forthcoming album aside, the singer - concerned about his image of ambiguous sexuality and inability to forge long-term relationships with women - has something more important to promote.