amalgam restoration

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a·mal·gam res·to·ra·tion

(ă-malgăm restŏr-āshŭn)
A dental restoration made of an alloy of an element or metal with mercury.
See: amalgam, restoration
Synonym(s): silver filling.
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Mercury release from dental amalgam restorations after magnetic resonance imaging and following mobile phone use.
F, The development of resin-bonding for amalgam restorations.
0 mm deep amalgam restorations were removed from each root with a 330 carbide bur.
However, due to increasing aesthetic concerns of the military population and public concerns over the safety of amalgam restorations due to the perceived effects of mercury, amalgam restorations may no longer be the consumer or provider restorative material of choice.
Conclusions: The fracture strength in pulpotomized primary molar teeth with amalgam restorations was high, more than maximum bite forces in primary teeth, even in extensive 3-surface cavities.
The Median Survival Time (MST) reported for class II amalgam restorations placed in three year olds was 11 months which rose to 44 months in 7 to 8 year olds [Holland et al.
When all longitudinal studies, published during the last ten years, for high-viscosity glass-ionomer restorations were compared with that of amalgam restorations placed in posterior load bearing teeth a largely higher performance for amalgam was found.
Older studies often compared PMC with amalgam restorations indicating that 89% of multi-surface amalgam restorations had to be replaced compared with 30% with PMC [Braff, 1975].
Subjects reported elemental mercury exposures as average number of amalgams placed or removed per week (amalgams handled) and total number of dental amalgam restorations in their mouth (personal amalgam).
Vitamin E and selenium work synergistically to fight free radicals, an activity particularly valuable in the presence of "silver" amalgam restorations ("fillings'), and to neutralize the acid waste discharged by bacterial contamination of the gums.
Studies have failed to show any link between amalgam restorations and any medical disorder,' the association says.
The authors analyzed a random sampling of 500 adults, aged 30-49, to measure the association between their mercury exposure from dental amalgam restorations and performance on neuropsychological tests.