alveolar bone loss

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al·ve·o·lar bone loss

(al-vēŏ-lăr bōn laws)
Resorption of bone that surrounds and supports teeth.
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Longitudinal radiographical study on the rate of alveolar bone loss in patients of a dental school.
Thus, the aim of this study was to correlate alveolar bone loss in buccal/palatal and proximal surfaces of upper molars in Wistar rats.
Alveolar bone loss in 5-year old New Zealand children: its prevalence and relationship to caries prevalence, socioeconomic status and ethnic origin.
The hypothesis that the risk for alveolar bone loss is greater, and bone loss progres-sion more severe, for subjects with poorly-controlled Type-2 diabetes mellitus compared toindividuals without Type-2 diabetes or with better controlled disease were test (Taylor et al.
Glycemic control and alveolar bone loss progression in Type 2 diabetes.
For mean bone loss, attachment loss measured in millimeters at each dental site was summed and divided by the number of sites examined to produce a mean alveolar bone loss score.
The search strategy consisted of identifying key terms: osteoporosis, periodontal disease, alveolar bone loss, estrogen deficiency, tooth loss and postmenopausal.
Since ab- sence of teeth induces alveolar bone loss, patients with ED are usually present with a "knife edge crest" morphology making implant reconstruction challenging.
Where infra-occlusion becomes obvious, dentists should consider decoronation to prevent the alveolar bone loss that is associated with ankylosis in a growing patient.
They also used 3D reconstructed images from CBCT to characterize alveolar bone loss.
The purpose of our paper was to evaluate, by means of finite elements analysis, the stress and displacements produced in the dental and bone structures after the application of orthodontic forces, with special attention on the alveolar bone loss cases.
16) Recently, this family of drugs has shown some promise in limiting the progression of alveolar bone loss in periodontal disease (though they are not approved for this indication).