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The civic leadership and skills gained through a year of service in some of our country's most vulnerable and underserved communities make AmeriCorps Alums ideal students - civically engaged, mission-driven and committed to making an impact.
Ben Duda is the executive director of AmeriCorps Alums, and completed three years of AmeriCorps service as part of his 12-year professional career in nonprofits and government.
Providing an added-value service to alums such as a job board or a networking forum; or
Perhaps our most important mission as African-American alums is to provide a presence, leadership and mentorship on campus for current [black] students," says Larry Martin, executive director of program development for Syracuse University and a member of its African-American and Latino Association.
After the focus groups, marketers honed in on the idea that Amherst alums wanted the site to help maintain their intellectual connection to the school, in addition to their practical connections to classmates via listservs and class bulletin boards.
And above all, stop the hypocrisy that begrudges the great unwashed a place at Harvard while happily making room for the less qualified sons and daughters of alums.
During 2000, when the center was still under construction, the alumni office alerted alums about the new center through direct mailings as well as mass e-mails.
Also, since its first tournament in 1978, the AJGA has produced more than 160 alums who play on the PGA and LPGA tours.
GK has relationships with both Ramapo College of New Jersey and Adelphi University, which grant scholarships to GK alums.
That seems to be the question that more and more alums are asking their alma maters.
Less known is that the school is currently represented by an area-high three alums in nonplaying minor-league positions.