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Relating to vertical relationships; for example, altitudinal hemianopsia.
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The altitudinally corrected rainfall estimates are used here.
Few observations of Yellow-billed Cotingas exist within mangrove habitat during the putative non-breeding season, which has led researchers to suspect that the species migrates or "wanders" locally or possibly altitudinally between July and November.
Dr QUATTRIN tested applicability of the Central Andean model of economic integration between altitudinally distinct zones to remains of four houses of the 1st millennium BC in northern Colombia.
However, seasonal movements in their native range occur in response to environmental conditions, including following rain and moving altitudinally in response to seasonal shifts in temperature (Fishpool and Tobias 2005).
The forest is comprised of four major vegetation associations that are altitudinally stratified and placed into separate life zones (Wadsworth 1951, Ewel and Whitmore 1973).