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Relating to vertical relationships; for example, altitudinal hemianopsia.
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An altitudinal cline related with body size, temperature, and development rate was studied in the European grasshopper Omocestus viridulus (L.
Seed germination of high mountain Mediterranean species: altitudinal, interpopulation and interannual variability.
Lluvia de polen en el volcan Popocatepetl: un estudio a lo largo de un transecto altitudinal.
The mid-domain effect (MDE) is an important mechanism influencing species diversity along altitudinal gradients (Colwell, Lees 2000; Sanders 2002; Bachman et al.
En el sector de Nono, localidad tipo de Pristimantis carlosceroni, se han registrado diez especies en una franja altitudinal entre 2150 y 3400 m (Tabla 2), incluyendo siete especies (P.
The alpine scenery is gradually transformed over different altitudinal vegetation zones, into a rocky steppe.
The state possesses a wide altitudinal range from 210 m to 7,817 m over the total area of 53,485 [km.
gentili can be found over a much larger altitudinal range, and thus in different climatic conditions, ranging from the partially snow-covered mountains of the High and Anti Atlas down to the Saharan plains.
Optic neuritis is bilateral and severe or associated with a swollen optic nerve or chiasm lesion or an altitudinal scotoma.
Topics addressed include using chemotaxonomical criteria to understand complex structures of plant diversity, the relationship between grazing pressure and grassland vegetation, the relationship between management and vegetation, conserving species diversity of plants and insects in semi-natural grassland, soil organic matter in an altitudinal gradient, and the biodiversity potential of riparian field margins in intensely managed grasslands.