alternative therapy

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alternative therapy

A therapy that is not part of current standard medical practice, which is used instead of conventional treatment.

Alternative therapy

A therapy is generally called alternative when it is used instead of conventional cancer treatments.
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It is primarily for this reason that nearly 50 percent of the American population is regularly using some type of alternative therapy while making 629 million visits per year to alternative practitioners.
The fast track (facilitated development) designation was granted because Cordox(TM) has the potential to address an unmet medical need since no suitable alternative therapy for this indication currently exists.
As part of the marketing plan, we will also be contacting physicians to introduce this new alternative therapy device.
We are pleased to provide a safe alternative therapy for men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction," said Jim Cuttle, Vice President, Marketing at ASTRA.
Although DOXIL appears to be less toxic than the standard alternative therapy for KS, it is associated with mouth sores, skin eruptions on the hands and feet and decreased blood cell counts and may also cause heart problems.
This Phase 3 trial is being conducted under the FDA's expedited development process, which is available for therapeutic products to treat life-threatening diseases for which no satisfactory alternative therapy exists.
The recommended indication for NeuTrexin with concurrent leucovorin administration is as an alternative therapy for treatment of moderate-to-severe PCP in patients with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) who are intolerant of, or refractory to standard therapy, or for whom standard therapy is contraindicated.
WISER: Danny Gabbidon is looking to sink his teeth into the new season now that his groin and back problems have cleared up thanks to alternative therapy he received in Italy
More than half of those who have used complementary therapy (54%) do so to tackle ailments, a third (34%) to relieve pain, 29% as a stress buster, while 5% use alternative therapy.
Like Banks, millions in search of alternative therapy visit holistic practitioners for everything from allergies and irritable bowel syndrome to depression, infertility, and cancer.
Among caregivers of these children, 87% reported that the alternative therapy was effective, but only 41% had any knowledge of possible adverse effects of such therapy.
Alternative therapy could be available on the NHS, here are your views: Alternative therapies should be available on the NHS.

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