alternative states of consciousness

alternative states of consciousness, states of consciousness whose form and/or content are primarily determined through factors different from normal waking awareness. Includes those states of consciousness engendered through dreams, meditation, use of mind-altering substances, or mystical/transpersonal experience. The use of “alternative” connotes a nonnormative approach to waking consciousness. Also called
ASC. See also altered states of consciousness.
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Tapping the Spiritual Wisdom Within by Ray Wooten, and it presents several key aspects of shamanism: the shaman has the ability to intentionally enter alternative states of consciousness and journey between the physical world and the world of spirit or the world of the spirit self, that is to enter nonordinary reality.
The concepts that serve as a thread running through all three articles in this issue are the individual's potential ability to intentionally enter alternative states of consciousness in nonordinary reality in order to grow through adversity.
Within the different oppositional movements of the 1960s and 70s, therefore, developing alternative states of consciousness as a means of political resistance was clearly prevalent.

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