alternative healing

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alternative healing

A philosophical stance which is based on alternative medicine principles, in which a person is returned to a state of well-being through a therapy that is not “mainstream” (i.e., conventional) in nature.

alternative healing

Natural healing A philosophical stance based on alternative medicine principles, in which a person is returned to a state of well-being through a therapy that is not 'mainstream' in nature. See Alternative medicine.

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A. Chinese medicine and alternatives should be approached with caution, but that said, a modality that has been around for over 3,000 years must have benefits. The practitioner may possibly be a bit more suspect. Then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you haven’t any experience with it, how can one have a legitimate opinion?
Remember, a hundred years ago, our very own “Doctors” cured with leaches and such… it wasn’t until they pooled their resources together and lobbied the government for the right to the name of “Doctor or Medical Practitioner”. That’s it. No science, just lobbying the politicians….

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It's a one-stop resource for alternative healing and holistic lifestyle resources," Armstrong said, categories that include a vast array of topics.
For more information, contact Savely Savva, Founder and Executive Director of the Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts (MISAHA) 3855 Via Nona Marie, Suite 102C Carmel, Cal.
On hand will be a range of exhibitors talking about and demonstrating alternative healing and relaxation methods including Indian head massage, reflexology, crystal healing and much more.
He describes Biomedicine and Alternative Healing Systems as the culmination of two decades of work and the outgrowth of his distinct but converging interests in alternative health professions, spiritualism and healing, and medical dominance as a reflection of social relations in American society.
The students also learn about traditional folk healers called curanderos who use alternative healing methods in conjunction with herbal medicines to treat patients.
gov) is dedicated to exploring complementary and alternative healing practices in the context of rigorous science; training CAM researchers; and disseminating authoritative information.
Even without the insurance industry's full support of CAMs, alternative healing seems to be gaining more acceptance through the mass marketing of holistic products.
Pam and David, a freelance journalist, married in 1992 and they opened a shop called Moonshadow where they sold crystals and practised alternative healing.
As well as horseriding and traditional country pursuits, the hotel boasts an alternative healing centre offering "holistic" massage with special oils.
I have now launched the business, Mr Reiki, which has evolved as an alternative healing practice, based in both Cardiff Bay and Llangadog.
Two of the formats are concerned with alternative healing which includes a fund to help people who have little or no insurance get the medical aid and attention that they desperately need.
WHEN a friend extolled the virtues of Dawn Thomas and her alternative healing powers Maria Kelly and her husband John decided they might give her a try.

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