alternative benefit plan

alternative benefit plan,

n a plan other than a traditional (fee-for-service, freedom of choice) indemnity or service corporation plan for reimbursing a participating dental provider for providing treatment to an enrolled patient population.
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com)-- Benefit Management Administrators (BMA), a San Antonio, TX-based third-party administrator today announces their business partnership with HIX Partners, LLC, a Dallas-based consulting firm specializing in alternative benefit plan design, financing and delivery platforms.
2) Their Alternative Benefit Plan will be benchmarked to the benefits offered to Iowa state employees.
Recommend alternative Benefit Plans designs, delivery systems, funding and communication methods as dictated by environmental/regulatory changes and emerging technologies.
The proposed rule also applies to states that offer Medicaid alternative benefit plans.
The company will support various benefit designs including the standard drug benefit, the actuarial equivalent standard benefit, the basic alternative benefit, and the enhanced alternative benefit plans.

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